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Witnessing to a Muslim Woman

Witnessing to a Muslim Woman

How to witness to women of other religions  - Tirzah Magazine

Once you’ve experienced the peace of Jesus, the first thing you want to do is share it. When you’re first saved, you often naively think if you just shout Jesus’s love from the rooftops, everyone will fall on their knees to worship their Maker.

Sadly, there are a lot of lies masquerading as truth and most people are firmly entrenched in the religion they are in. The religion might not meet the…

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To Be Humble Like Jesus

To Be Humble Like Jesus

To Be Humble Like Jesus - tirzah Magazine

When Jesus first spoke to His disciples all He said was, “Come. Follow me!” A simple command given to ordinary men, and a command also given to us.

Without need of an explanation, Christ calls us to trust Him because He has everything in His control. As my pastor once said, Christ scoops oceans in His hands, and I scoop ice cream in mine!

In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined…

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Fruits of the Spirit: Love Does

Fruits of the Spirit: Love Does

A healthy tree bears good fruit.

Pretty simple, right? If that apple tree in your backyard is healthy, it is going to give you a nice crop of red or green apples. On the other hand, if there is an infestation of a parasite, your apples are going to be ruined. And no one wants to eat the apple with the nasty brown spot.

It is the same with Christians. A healthy Christian bears good fruit.Obviously…

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7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College

7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College

7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College - Tirzah Magazine

Going into my freshman year at Northwestern University, I was convinced that if I read enough books about it, my “college experience” would be a breeze. But God gave me a “college experience” (experience being the key word here) that was a far better teacher than any book.

So, darlings, if you’re headed off to hit the stacks and decorate your dorm room this fall, here are seven really important…

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Why Travel?

Why Travel - Tirzah Magazine

The heat was stifling as we sat in a sweat lodge pouring our hearts out to God. The air around me was so warm I could scarcely breathe. All around me people were forgetting themselves and their discomfort and calling out to the One who created us.

It was Tuba City, Arizona in 2004, and it was one of the most illuminating experiences of my life.

Travel. We do it every day. By car, by train, by…

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Tips to Stop Complaining

Tips to Stop Complaining

Tips to Stop Complaining - Tirzah Magazine

Complaining – we all do it every day. Whether it’s as simple as complaining about someone cutting you off at the mall, losing your job, or how your neighbor’s dog just won’t stop barking.

This summer my complaining has really been overboard, to put it nicely. I’m away from all my college friends so I complain about missing them. I’m privileged enough to get 40 hours a week at my jobs and I…

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She scares me because I believe in the strength of her passion. Beside her I worry that I’m fraudulent; that I’ve even conned myself into believing in my depth. Still I charge head-first through fear, because not trying is tragic, and I’m addicted to her influence.

Finding Peace in a Stressful Life

Finding Peace in a Stressful Life

Finding Peace in a Stressful Life - Tirzah Magazine

Today, we seem to live in constant state of unease and anxiety – feeling like there is more to do and more to worry about. You constantly stress about your to-do list, even though no matter how many items pop-up, more will take their place.

You feel like you can’t relax and be happy until you have achieved some far-away goals, but even when you get what you want, you just want more and more.…

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Giving up Fashion for God?

Giving up Fashion for God?

What Are You Seeking - Tirzah Magazine

No matter how many times I re-read the story of the crucifixion, taking in the same words every time, I always walk away from it learning something completely new.

This time around, I became fixated on the words Jesus spoke from His arrest to His death. As a writer, I know how much words can speak to someone, especially ones that are going to hold so much meaning throughout history (which Jesus…

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Calculating Your Days

New Blog Post What is hope - Tirzah Magazine

I had dreams of what college would look like and many were contingent upon my friend, Ellie. Ever since we had both discovered our mutual love for the same college, we formed a nonverbal commitment to be roommates. I was excited for the prospect of rooming with one of my best friends and taking on this new adventure with her.

But when December 6 rolled around, those dreams were crushed. I was…

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